Register of removed trustees

Some people are unable to act as trustees, for reasons set out in the Charities Act 2011. One of these reasons is that they have previously been a trustee but have been removed on the grounds of mismanagement or misconduct.

About the register of removed trustees

The register of removed trustees provides details of anyone who has been removed as a trustee by the High Court or the Commission. It does not provide details of those who are disqualified for other reasons (for example, criminal convictions or insolvency).

For each disqualified person, we hold their name, address at the time of removal, the date when the order was made and the name of the charity concerned. Their details will remain unless we have entirely lifted the disqualification. This means they will still remain on the Register even if a disqualification is partially lifted, for example, allowing them to be a trustee under certain conditions.

Because it is an offence to act as a trustee whilst disqualified, all charities should have a vetting procedure in place to check that new and existing trustees are eligible to act. Checking the Register of Removed Trustees is one way to do this. It is also good practice for trustee boards to ask prospective trustees to confirm in writing that they are not disqualified. Our model declaration form can be used for this.

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