Reporting our regulatory work

We publish reports of all our inquiries into charities on completion. We may publish regulatory case reports on non-inquiry work where there is significant public interest in the issues involved and the outcome, and where there are lessons that other charities can learn from them. We occasionally publish statements about live investigations, decisions, operational and regulatory cases for the same reason.

Public statements on live cases Statements made on live investigations where we consider this is necessary in order to increase public trust and confidence in charities.

Operational case reports List of published reports of our non-inquiry compliance case work; reports cover cases in which there has been public interest and from which other charities can learn.

Inquiry reports Read our published reports stating results of our inquiries carried out under section 46 of the Charities Act 2011.

Regulatory case reports Read our reports opened before the Commission’s restructure in 2011 on non-inquiry investigations, published if there is significant public interest in the issues involved.

Archive of inquiry reports and regulatory case reports A list of previously published inquiry and regulatory case reports

Regulatory decisions Decisions and reviews of decisions published because they concern points of law or are of wider interest for other reasons.

Tackling abuse and mismanagement Real case studies of our investigations in the last financial year.