Charitable purposes & public benefit

Public benefit guides

Public benefit: an overview Gives an overview of (but does not form part of) the Charity Commission’s set of 3 public benefit guides.

Public benefit: the public benefit requirement (PB1) Explains the legal requirement that a charity's purposes must be for the 'public benefit' (known as the 'public benefit requirement')

Public benefit: running a charity (PB2) Explains public benefit in the context of running a charity

Public benefit: reporting (PB3) Explains the duty that charity trustees must report on how they have carried out their charity's purposes for the public benefit

Charitable purposes

How to write charitable purposes How to decide what your charity's purposes are and write them in the 'objects' clause of your governing document

Guidance on charitable purposes Guidance, reports, key decisions and other resources on descriptions of purposes in the Charities Act 2011

Other public benefit-related material


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Public benefit: a summary Find out about charity trustees' duty to 'have regard' to our public benefit guidance when exercising powers or duties to which it is relevant.

Public benefit guidance: table of changes Shows where guidance in our new public benefit guides was previously contained in sections of our old guidance.

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Public benefit consultation: summary of responses and action Summarises responses to our consultation on draft public benefit guidance and how we have addressed these.

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Public benefit research reports Research reports and analysis of findings that relate to public benefit

What makes a charity (CC4) Explains what legal requirements an organisation has to satisfy to be a charity

Public benefit assessment reports Read reports of how we assessed a number of charities against the principles in our then-current public benefit guidance

 Supplementary public benefit guidance

This guidance is currently under review

It no longer forms part of our public benefit guidance and should now be read together with our set of 3 public benefit guides. It will remain available to read until we publish replacement guidance.

The prevention or relief of poverty for the public benefit


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The advancement of religion for the public benefit


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The advancement of education for the public benefit


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